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From Bloemfontein to Oudtshoorn, or from Bloemfontein to Lephalale moving your furniture long distance is an emotional highway. Any move brings about change but moving long distance brings a new start, a beginning where you have to learn everything anew. The long distance transportation of your possessions should be the easy part.

There are a variety of tips and hints to ensure the move goes smoothly. Firstly, it is critical to hire a reliable furniture removal company. The second most important part is to pack well. There is nothing worse than arriving at your new beginning with broken items and scratched furniture.

Take all the measures available to you to insure the safety of your possessions.

Finding the right Bloemfontein Moving Company

If you have to move over a long distance from or to Bloemfontein, it is important to ensure that your furniture and other belongings are not damaged on route. This means that each item must be correctly and securely packed in the truck to minimise the risk of damage to your goods.

A long distance removal company will have a list of hints and tips, if you choose to pack your boxes and goods yourself (I know ours does). However, it may be better to take advantage of a professional packing service to ensure that your items are packed in the best way possible. A packing service will supply you with all the boxes that you may need as well as materials such as bubble wrap and packing tape to secure those boxes.

It is also important that your long distance furniture transportation company has all the necessary materials to pack your larger possessions and furniture into the truck. The roads surrounding towards Bloemfontein are not in a well maintained condition and any additional provision will ensure the safe arrival of your items. Blankets and boxes can be placed between furniture items to ensure that they do not rub or bump against each other during transport.

Make sure that you secure the drums of both your washing machine and tumble dryer so that they do not move during transport and damage the machines. Ensure that all electronic equipment is packed in the original polystyrene or foam packaging to prevent damage.

Also remember to purge well when packing, take into consideration the new city’s weather patterns and local tourist sites may differ from the Bloemfontein climate. When moving from Ballito to Bloemfontein it might be time to leave the surfboard behind and pack your winter boots instead.

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